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Samantha Bora is a renowned Abundance Sound Healer and has conducted many workshops for Health, Abundance,Yoga and Sound Healing.

She is passionate about helping others achieve success in their lives .She is the founder of Blisss Waives which is new way where she combines all the various techniques which gives amazing results.

She loves traveling ,music,reading and above all her family. She believes that we all have immense potential but unfortunately we don’t know how to use it.

Her mission is to help a 100K people live a Happy and Blissful Life ,a live of Abundance in all aspects of Life

According to Samantha Bora the Universe responds to your frequency.

It doesn’t recognize your needs, wants and desires. It only understands the frequency in which you are vibrating at. For example if you are vibrating in the frequency of fear, guilt or shame , you are going to attract things of a similar vibration to support that frequency.

If you are vibrating in the frequency of LOVE, JOY and ABUNDANCE , you are going to attract things to support that frequency.

It’s like tuning into a radio station.You have to be tuned into the frequency you want to listen to just like you have to be tuned into the energy you want to MANIFEST in your life.

In her online sessions you will Learn how to

Clear and balance the Chakras
Detox your mind

Expand your Auras
Use Tibetan singing bowls & experience Sound Bath Immersion.
Help heal yourself, family ( Self Healing Protocols)

Improves Focus ,memory & relationships

Bring good Health Peace Prosperity
Manifest Abundance through Proven Techniques.
& much more

sound awakening program by samantha bora

Sound healing can help you to connect with the inner healing power.

We all have inner healing power

When your body relaxes, the immune system is boosted & your body is more able to heal itself.

Have you ever wondered what is going on in your body when you attend a Sound Awakening Session?

After the Sound Awakening Session people often experience:

Greater mental clarity and problem-solving capacity

A significant increase in joy and happiness

High energy and motivation

Drop-in interpersonal and intra-personal conflicts

Deeper relaxation and non -interrupted sleep

samantha bora sound awakeing program 7 pm live webinar

Sound Therapy is a unique modality that uses Verbal Chants, Singing Bowls & Other Instruments to bring the shift within.

The vibrations from these penetrate deep inside our physical body to release toxins blockages resulting in reduced pain, inflammation, irritation, anxiety, insecurity, etc

Change Your Frequency…Change Your Vibrations …Change Your Life.

Samantha Bora has designed an online course with beautiful content module which will heal you entirely.

I must recommend you the below modules:

BLISS WAVES BLUEPRINT. It’s a 7 days program which Includes:

Aspects of life


Mind Detox




Journey of Self-Discovery Includes:

Sun Sea & Sands

White light


Goodbye anxiety


Rainbow meditation

Chakra energy bundle module Includes:

Root chankra

Sacral Chakra

Solar Chakra

Heart Chakra

Throat chakra

Third Eye chakra

Crown chakra

Seven chakra together

Inner World Meditation Module Include:

Self love

Suppression to Expression

Manifestation for abundance

Overcome your fears

Five elements with five mudras meditation

Rainbow healing meditation

Aura Enhancement meditation

Water meditation

Sound yoga

Breathe of life

You can Join her online program with above all modules direct.

Samantha Bora is actively taking LIVE CLASS to her participants on every Sunday.

Samantha Bora also designed advance level courses.


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What is Sound Healing?

The most primal and elemental form of vibration is sound. Everything in the Universe has an optimum rate of vibration, and that rate is called resonance.

When we are vibrating in resonance, we are in balance.

A way to use sound resonance in healing, is to recognize that every cell in your body absorbs and emanates sound

How does is works:

Can you think of a song which had a powerful effect on your emotions?

How about the sound of a car accident happening nearby – what would that do in your body?

Do you feel a bit uneasy just thinking about that sound?

It’s clear that sound and music are powerful forces in our lives.

Imagine what might be possible if you could harness that power to create a positive, healing reaction. Sound Healing, a form of energy medicine or vibration therapy, is designed to have a measurable effect on organs and tissues as well as brainwave activity which changes the way a person feels, functions and responds.

It is also effective in the body to induce a state of calm, slow and regular breathing, lower blood pressure, alleviate pain, and reduce stress, all of which boost the function of the immune system.

Sound can take your brain waves from active to alpha, as if you were meditating.


Effects of Sound Healing?

Sound is a powerful healing aid because it is naturally vibrational, an aspect that is also common in human beings.

Sound healing intentionally makes use of sound to create an environment, which catalyzes physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual well being of a person

Everything in the universe has its own unique vibration. Sound healing makes use of this by listening to a beautiful sound, or making a beautiful sound. This invites the energy field and body to come into resonance with the sound, and release old stuck energy. Making sound is also fun and encourages much needed connection between people, as well as leading to greater health

Sound has the power to transform pain and illness and to restore well being on a cellular level. The harmonics of ancient Tibetan Bowls can help in the healing process of virtually any illness and restore a sense of peace and balance.


I have attended both Online Sound Awakening Session by Abundance Sound Healer Samantha Bora and i strongly recommend you to join the FREE Webinar on coming Saturday 11 AM or on Sunday 7 PM

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